A historical overview of how Ingersoll-Rand microturbines evolved.


The development of the breakthrough recuperator technology, designed and patented by Ingersoll-Rand (IR), played the most crucial role in paving the way for advanced work on the IR microturbine system.


Building on the momentum provided by the recuperator technology, IR began development of commercial units with sponsorship from Southern California Gas, New York Gas and the Gas Research Institute, now part of the Gas Technology Institute (GTI).


One year later, IR trademarked the PowerWorks name.


To meet the demands of a growing market, IR, in mid-2000, formed Ingersoll-Rand Energy Systems, based in the prominent Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This business structure represents a significant commitment to the microturbines concept by
focusing on, identifying, developing and marketing alternative-power and energy-management
solutions. It was this commitment that placed the first field test units into operation in mid-2000.


An all-encompassing beta field test program was completed and Ingersoll-Rand Energy Systems
met its expectations of taking commercial orders for its microturbine product line.

Manufacturing production capability for the MT70 induction unit was completed and engineering
development of the MT250 began.


The year began with shipments of the first commercial induction MT70 microturbine.

Later in the year development of the synchronous version of the MT70 was completed. Shipments were made ensuring that customers would have power in the event of a grid failure.

Energy Systems also shipped its first microturbines for use with low Btu fuels such as those found in landfills and wastewater treatment plants.


Engineering development of the MT250 was completed and the microturbine was formally introduced. Commercial manufacturing production was commenced and Energy Systems began accepting orders for the 250kW microturbine for use with natural gas and low Btu fuels.

Branded EcoWorks TM, Energy Systems began providing solutions for the environmental markets. These currently offered solutions include complete fuel conditioning, total maintenance and financing comprising a comprehensive electrical cogeneration package.

Ingersoll-Rand's standby generators group joined Energy Systems in August, giving the company the opportunity to offer a comprehensive energy solution to its customers. Such a solution can include any combination of microturbines, standby generators and fuel conditioners, ensuring the customer will always have efficient, economical and reliable power available.

Energy Systems developed, shipped and commissioned its first fuel conditioning system for use with digester gas.


Ingersoll-Rand Energy Systems will continue to focus on key markets and the commercialization of its fuel conditioning system.

Energy Systems will also continue to aggressively pursue its Solutionizing™ approach in offering a broad range of consultation, products and services needed to develop solutions that address larger business and environmental objectives.